(New Year in Switzerland)

Leysin, Switzerland 瑞士莱辛
20 - 30 January 2019 (10 Days)

瑞士美國學院每天提供14小時的7:30am 到9:30pm 的玩偶。新的生活方式, 樂趣和戶外教育在精心計算和專門設計的新年假期計畫, 讓來自中國的學生來探索瑞士, 周遊全國, 參觀歷史的地方, 城堡和其他主要景點,體驗滑雪, 滑冰和滑雪板, 滑雪橇公園, 滿足國際學生和參與辯論, 討論和專案為基礎的學習。
IMT College offers daily 14 hours of activites from 7:30am to 9:30pm. New lifestyle, fun & outdoor Education at carefully calculated and exclusively designed New Year holiday program, allow students from China to explore Switzerland, travel around the country, visit historical place, castles and other main attractions, experience ski, skating and snowboarding, Tobogganing Park, meet international students and participate in debates, discussions and project based learning.

日期 Dates:
2019年1月20日 - 抵達日內瓦機場 / 轉到利辛 (Arrival Geneva Airport / Transfer to Leysin)
2019年1月21日 - 夏令營介紹 / 莱辛 / 晚間活動 (Camp Introduction / Leysin / Evening Activities)
2019年1月22日 - 滑雪和滑雪板/ 晚間活動 (Ski & Snowboarding / Evening Activities)
2019年1月23日 - 全天遊覽蒙特勒, Vevey, Chillon 城堡 (All Day excursion Montreux, Vevey, Chillon Castle)
2019年1月24日 - 滑雪和滑雪板/晚間活動 (Ski & Snowboarding / Evening Activities)
2019年1月25日 - 滑雪橇公園, 洛桑 (Tobogganing Park, Lausanne)
2019年1月26日 - 全天候遊覽日內瓦 (All Day excursion GENEVA)
2019年1月27日 - 冰川 3000 (GLACIER 3000)
2019年1月28日 - 滑雪和滑雪板/SAA 滑雪杯 (Ski & Snowboarding / SAA Ski CUP)
2019年1月29日 - 所有 一日游伯恩 (All Day excursion BERN)
2019年1月30日 - 出發 (Departure)

價格 Price:
2 495 CHF (Excl. Ski rent and ski classes)
2 995 CHF (Incl. Ski rent and ski classes)

價格包括: Price includes:
機場接送, 莱辛欢迎仪式,-元旦10天假期計畫,-FB 住宿 (2, 3 或4病床), 3 半天短途旅行 (利辛, 艾格勒城堡, 蒙特勒聖誕市場, Chilien 城堡, Vevey, 村莊 Rochers-de Naye),-3 全天遊覽洛桑,日內瓦, 伯恩-1 訪問雪橇公園-1 度滑雪杯錦標賽 (滑雪或滑雪板)-證書和文憑
- Airport transfer, welcome meeting in Leysin, - New Year 10 day holiday program, - FB accommodation (2, 3 or 4 beds), - 3 Half Day excursions (Leysin, Aigle Castel, Montreux Xmas Market, Chillon Castle, Vevey, Village Rochers-de-Naye), - 3 full day excursion Lausanne, Geneva, Bern - 1 visit of Toboggan Park - 1 SAA Ski CUP Tournament (Ski or Snowboarding), - Certificates & Diplomas

包裝價格不包括: Package Price Dose NOT include:
簽證費, 保險, 航空公司 TKTS。 Visa fee, Insurance, Airline TKTS.

強制性檔 Mandatory Documents
積極運動保險, Active sport insurance
簽署的父母同意滑雪和滑雪板 Signed Parental Consent for ski and snowboarding
Leysin, Vaud
In the village or at the top of the Berneuse, Leysin has lots to offer, winter and summer, business or pleasure. In Leysin, the Berneuse (2048 m) is where mountain enthusiasts meet.
The Tobogganing Park in Leysin, in the Vaudois Alps, prepares special slopes for "snowtubing", this slightly crazy winter activity for winter sports enthusiasts and thrill-seekers! The best fun of your holidays with family or friends!
Aigle - Leysin Railway
The Aigle–Leysin railway was the earliest of the narrow gauge line in the Chablais area of south west Switzerland. The line was opened on 5 May 1900, a 1,000 mm-gauge cog-wheel railway using the Abt rack system.
Visit Montreux and Vevey - 30 minute journey from Leysin by train, walking tour in Montreux, visiting Chilean Castel, Geneva Lake, by public bus 10-15 min journey to Vevey, visiting Museum of Food, walking tour
Visit Leysin
Walking tour, visit old town of historical Swiss village, sport centres, were students can join swimming, tennis or skating activities , ski renting facilities to choose the ski and snowboard (to be ready for next day).
SAA students, teachers and parents have grate tradition to arrange day of friendly competition on one of the well prepared ski slopes. Any student can participate, with beginner or advanced skills.
Evening Activities
After dinner international students will be actively involved in debates, project based learning, discussions, presentations and games. All activities arranged in English.
Visit Lausanne
60 minute journey by train, from Leysin, Lausanne is a city on Lake Geneva, in the French-speaking region of Vaud. It's home to the International Olympic Committee headquarters, as well as the Olympic Museum and lakeshore Olympic Park. Away from the lake, the hilly old city has medieval, shop-lined streets and a 12th-century Gothic cathedral with an ornate facade. The 19th-century Palais de Rumine houses fine art and science museums.
There is only one suspension bridge in the world that connects two mountain peaks. It is called Peak Walk by Tissot. It can be found at Glacier 3000. And it invites you to an adventure that you will not easily forget.
Bern, the capital city of Switzerland, is built around a crook in the Aare River. It traces its origins back to the 12th century, with medieval architecture preserved in the Altstadt (Old Town). The Swiss Parliament and diplomats meet in the Neo-Renaissance Bundeshaus (Federal Palace). The Französische Kirche (French Church) and the nearby medieval tower known as the Zytglogge both date to the 13th century.
Geneva is a city in Switzerland that lies at the southern tip of expansive Lac Léman (Lake Geneva). Surrounded by the Alps and Jura mountains, the city has views of dramatic Mont Blanc. Headquarters of Europe's United Nations and the Red Cross, it's a global hub for diplomacy and banking. French influence is widespread, from the language to gastronomy and bohemian districts like Carouge.
Vevey is a Swiss town on Lake Geneva. On the promenade, marked by a giant fork protruding from the lake, is the nutrition museum Alimentarium, with culinary objects and workshops. A Charlie Chaplin statue is nearby. This one-time Vevey resident is also celebrated at Chaplin's World, on his former country estate. The Musée Jenisch is dedicated to art on paper, with works by Dürer, Goya, Degas, Picasso and others.
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